Day 32, Tuesday 16th of December 2014

Dear Diary
I got up so late today I fondant even have time for breakfast. I forgot my lunch, and I had to put my shoes on and brush my hair in the car. To make matters worse I got my period, and wasn’t prepared. Ewww. At least my theory turned out to be right, not that I can say I’m happy about it. I was about 10 minutes late, and since I had PE I didn’t have to get a late note. I tried out everything in the Gym, but everything made me too exhausted too quickly. I tried to do some of the dumbells, the 1kg ones and though it was pretty easy. So I moved up to the 2kg ones and it was too hard. I only just managed to finish the first round of bicep curls, before my arm was too tired to do anything useful. After PE I had woodwork, and I put some of the corner pieces onto the corners of my diarama. I promised to come back at recess’s in the hopes I could get it done by then. Then it was recess, and this time I was hungry. Not the I-want-to-whine-to-mummy hungry but the “gee that chocolate cake looks delicious hungry” and Felix did bring chocolate cake. Mmmm. I also found out that since the Friday is NOT the last day of school then we would be meeting on the first day to the holidays. At around lunchtime apparently. Which would mean no school uniform at the movies (but more time once I get home with Master). That also brings up the problem of what would I wear. The guys have only ever seen me in school uniform, so they’ll be judging. But I know that the only girl there, Jade, wouldn’t. Holidays I tend to wear daggy-floor length skirts and new dresses I’ve made out of my sarong. Neither of those would be acceptable for an outing. What about the kind of stuff I wear to nations? No, I dress for cool nights there, midday would be too hot. A dress? A possibility, but which one? Uh, I hate extremely dislike choosing what to wear. Back to the blog. English was after recess, we watched the end of Of Mice And Men, and even the ending wasn’t as good as the book. Jacob thought the movie was better though, I can’t see why. Then Maths, where I did some more of my exersises. I really need to do some homework on it ’cause I’m falling behind again. Not that I’m doing badly, just that I can’t write fast enough. I need to have finished 2B by the end of the year otherwise ms Papalio says I’ll have to do it in the holidays (and we all know that that won’t happen). I’m only up to the first half of 1A now. After Maths I go to the Library. Ruby meets me there, apologises about yesterday, and gets talking about trying to find some book to take for the holidays. I can’t resist, I offer the recommend her some, and she tells me that she was getting around to ask me the very same thing. We head to the shelves and spend the entire lunch recommending to each other books. Most of the ones I’ve read, she has too, and visa versa. Between is we find the ones the other hasn’t read and recommend them. It’s a true nerdy book fest. I end up with 7, including one I picked up the day before yesterday. She gets an impressive stack herself, but not as tall as mine. Each book is 488 (that’s the largest one) and they only differ by < a hundred. It reached from my hip to my chin, which I expertly used to keep the pile from falling over. My bag was entirely full, and I had to carry a few. In Health we had free time because Ms Pocock couldn't get the projector working. I read my online romance, non-fiction book, and by the end of the period had it done. I went to S+E next, where we watched Surf's Up (the animated one with the surfing penguin) and after that I returned the book to the Library. Now I'll be able to get 4 more for the holidays rather than 3. Walking home with a full backpack is weary. Especially when you've go a weightlifters equivalent in there. It took me ages to get to the park, and when I did I discovered they had taken the swing. Now there is only the tire one and the baby one left. I can't swing super high on the tire one either. And the baby one, I can only fit if I sit on it the wrong way, with the backrest as my seat. It works, but it's super uncomfortable. The circle bits that the swing attached to are a bit warped, probably the cause of the squealing they always make, and I assume that it either broke while some one was on it or some concerned parent reported the half-broken bit. I try for a little swing on the tire one, but it's not the same. I get to leap off higher, but I land more straight up and down rather than at the angle the other one gave me. It trudge on home, stopping only to pick a few remaining mulberries off the Mulberry Tree. Now that summer has well and truly come, only the late bloomers are left. When at home I collapse onto my bed. I didn't pause my book for the door, nor the steps, nor do I pause it now. I read for a bit longer, till I get to a non-cliffhanger chapter. Then I check my iPhone. I talk with Master a bit, then watched The Parent Trap (for an old movie it's much better than I expected) I helped with setting the table and attempted some homework, (the keyword here is attempted, I only managed to get to ruling up the page, I'll use it next lesson) watching the movie took a long time because I had to keep stopping and starting it for jobs. Dinner was fish fingers, carrots, and beans. I liked the fish fingers but Dad must've forgotten the salt on the steamed veggies. I wondered whether Master would text again tonight, but either he didn't, or it didn't get through. I send my Goodnight Photo and start on my blog. As I got to sleep I think of Master's reward that he was going to give me if I hadn't of stuffed up the paper. How would I of accomplished it? I am usually very cautious and reluctant to travel by myself to anywhere, so a sudden interest would've sparked suspicion. I would've said I was going to the Library, taken my phone with me. Mum and Dad can't fault me for being at the Library. If I got caught walking back in or out? Say I saw a job poster over the road. I smile, sorted. Now I can safely enjoy the idea of Master really truly showing me who's boss. In the physical world. I'll have happy dreams tonight, I hope you do too, Master. Goodnight


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