Why I’m lucky to have been born as me

1. A list of all the things I like about myself
•My body, sort of. I’m not fat, which is pure luck even the amount of chocolate I eat, so my figure is one I have to like. I could be skinnier if I actually tried, but the fact I’m a nice 60kg without trying is something I like about myself
•I’m a good reader, I can read for hours on end, which will come in handy at Uni.
•I have my own style, and nothing Catherine says will change that. It doesn’t have to be over 50 dollars to be pretty. The cheaper the better.
•I don’t swear, it’s like a superpower. I don’t even have to work at it
•I have I’m-better-than-the-next-guy Photoshop skills. As long as you want to look worse than you’re original photo. I’m a self-taught professional. Literally- mum and dad make awesome zombies!
•I’m not afraid to do things alittle out there. To say things no-one else will say, sometimes that works out as good, sometimes it doesn’t
•I’m not brag-er I don’t feel the need to brag about things, however impressive
•I can talk to random strangers without it seeming awkward
•I can write in the dark, without seeing (unfortunately not neatly)
•I can run on my tippy-toes
•I can do a bendback
•I can do a cartwheel
•I have a family containing a Mum, Dad, Little sister, little brother, and a dog. All who love me
•I have a Master that loves me


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