Day 44, Sunday 28th December 2014

Dear diary

today I woke up at grandma’s and (sorry I just realised she doesn’t have spellcheck on her iPad) and I went to find something to eat. After a Weetbix breakfast I put some ice blocks  in a cup and go watch the movie that Bengamin’s playing in the theatre. After that I head back out to get some new ice blocks and I spot Grandma’s iPad. I remember that I have to start my blog from yesterday. I log on the the WordPress website from her iPad and begin to type my apologies. For some reason I can’t think straight with something so pressing in my head.  Then I take it down into the theatre where I do a sort of stop-start typing while trying to watch the movie at the same time. It’s hard and every time I stop to watch the movie I have to bring myself to keep typing. I don’t get very much done, and by the time dinner rolls around I’m not even half done. I do the rest by the TV, and Grandma soon asks what I’m doing. She can’t see what I’m typing, not that I’ve typed anything about Master so far anyway. I reply that it’s a diary entry and that I want to finish it before tomorrow.  She gives me until 10:30, which is now. Hence why this is so short Master, not that anything major happened today at all anyway. I’m sorry I didnt get to write as much as I would have liked, nor that i will be able to send you your Snapchat picture tonight. I’m sorry. Eruanna


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