Day 46, Tuesday 30th of December 2014

Sorry I’m late, Grandma’s iPad wouldn’t load the new post, so I’m writing it on here. Anyway, it’s here now so enjoy!

Dear Diary

I spent most of the day watching TV. It’s practically becoming a habit now. I don’t even know what we watched. Near lunchtime I spent some time writing a message to Master via Grandma’s iPad on Skype. Writing and rewriting, will I never learn? I didn’t want to come off as panicky or worried. Maybe even curious. Despite the fact I was all of those things. Why?- sometimes I confuse even me. Anyway, I was all of that because Master hadn’t texted yesterday. Was he busy? Or planning something? My imagination runs away with me. I also wanted to talk. Nothing much, perhaps an ‘intellectual debate’, or a Q&A. No, not a Q&A. I’m terrible at thinking up answers on the spot. Though I did have some questions for him… Anyway (I’m saying anyway too much-there I go again!) we had dinner and Benjamin and I chose some movies we wanted to go see. Turns out, Night at the Museum was on tonight, so me and Grandma went down to Armadale to see it. After the movie I couldn’t edit the post I had started today for some reason, or even do a new one. Hence why this is a day late. I wrote it on paper but I’ve re-typed it now rather than taking a photo. My writing’s to messy and small to be readable in an iPad photo.

Goodnight Master



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