Day 47, Wednesday 31st of December 2014 – New Years Eve

Dear Diary

Today I didn’t have as much of a lazy day as yesterday. When I got up I had breakfast, and Grandma asked me to clean some of her kitchen cupboards. She got the dust cloths, and the spray cleaner, and I set to work. Then Grandma wanted everyone’s washing because she was going to put a load on. I had a dilemma. I had only brought one pair of undies because I packed in such a rush. So it was get them washed, or wear dirty undies for the rest of the week. So I ened up cleaning the cupboards with nothing but an ankle length skirt on my bottom half. Spending most of the time on my knees, with my favourite topic of thought, Master, made it more than slightly uncomfortable. It still is, Grandma hasn’t finished her washing yet. After I did the cupboards, I watched The Time Traveler’s Wife with Grandad. Halfway through we had dinner, and the I had a shower. Then we watched the rest of the movie. Grandad even cried alittle at the end. I’m watching the TV now, waiting for the 9pm fireworks. They’re starting them now! Ok, they weren’t as exciting as I thought they’d be. I text Master, and to my delight I see the little green dot beside his name saying he’s online. He hasn’t replied yet, but he’s probably at a party and somehow left his Skype open. We watch the TV till midnight, but Benjamin falls asleep before then. I stay up, and I get to see the midnight fireworks. When I eventually get to bed I write the rest of my blog. I also see that Master hasn’t replied yet, but the green dot is still beside his name. According to the TV, at midnight people just go and smoosh their face up against random strangers. Would Master be doing that at his party? Would another girl try to do it to him? (It’s likely- if there’s a hot guy in the room and, you have the courage, and it’s suddenly become socially acceptable the walk right up and kiss him, and you’re single, then you kiss him- and I wouldn’t doubt Master would have more than a few crushers) Would every body else be doing it, except Master? Making him left out? Somehow I doubt those last two. I wish I could be there- wherever he is. Alas I can’t, at least not until he chooses a time to give me the present. The thought of eventually meeting him face to face gives me butterflies even now. I don’t know whether to be relieved or cross at myself for getting it put forward to the next week. I probably would’ve been worse/better if I had know what was the original date that was to be planned a week from. Maybe it’s a good thing that I don’t know. I like surprises. Anyway I’ve done my goodnight picture and tried to get a response from Master via Skype, which he still hasn’t replied to yet. So this is goodnight, from 2015!

Goodnight Master



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