Day 50, Saturday 3rd of January 2015

Dear Diary
Today I’m starting a little earlier than usual, at 9 rather than 10. Will that mean I end up finishing an hour earlier? Probably not, but worth a try. The thing is, while most normal people suffer from “the night before” wether it be staying up too late or drinking too much, I don’t. Well, I’ve yet to see if drinking something other than non-alcoholic drinks has a similar effect, but it seems plausible. My body processes it a full day late. So the morning after the night with Master – I was perfectly fine. Today however, I was so tired that I sat down for a second and rested my head against the garden wall, and fell asleep. Only for a minute or two, but I haven’t been that tired in ages. Actually, forever -I’ve never stayed up that late. Or early really, since it was light before I fell asleep. And my two hour nap from yesterday morning didn’t help much either.
So I’ll start again in chronological order. As I usually do, so that I don’t miss out something.
I woke up in a kind of haze I haven’t felt since the school mornings. “Too early!” My brain cried. “Too early” I agreed. I slipped in and out of the haze as I slowly realised that sleep was over. And not coming back. I tossed and turned for the next couple of hours, before I grudgingly accepted that I should get out of bed. It took another 15 minutes to actually do this, but only 5 to get dressed. Unlike most girls, I’m an expert at getting ready fast. Not being obsessive about hair (a quick brush) and no makeup probably helps that. I hear yelling, and listen in. Apparently Catherine wasn’t fast enough at doing a job for dad (she probably took her iPhone with her) and Mum offers for her to take down all the Christmas decorations instead. And Mum wants it done by lunchtime. I can tell Catherine’s upset so I make me presence know by saying “I’ll help her” rather than go lay on the spare room bed and play on my iPhone. Mum says I can help her but I have to do another job as well. Gee, she is in a bad mood. I help Catherine, vaguely wishing that I had’ve just chosen my iPhone instead. She sniffles a bit, but at least it’s not all out tears like I would probably do. It takes what seem like ages to pack them all up, or at least all the ones in the lounge room anyway. My watch says it’s only an hour, but it feels like several. Then mum gets me to do the washing, and the washing basket has been pilling up. It takes 4 loads before I’m done. Really full loads too, I had to squish the last one in. It was so hot outside hanging them up to, and they dried really quickly. Mum taught me how to fold a fitted sheet, which I think I’ve sort of got the hang of. I still need a lot more practice though. Mum opened her presents in the sitting room, and then we got in the car to go to Sizzlers. Grandma, Grandad, Benjamin, Peta (my aunt) and Uncle Mark met us there. And they brought along their foster kids too, Lailarnie and Lexi. Lexi’s about my age and we chatted about random stuff. I can’t even remember. We all gorged ourselves on the buffet and by the time I walked out the door I was ready to burst. We sang Happy Birthday to Mum but Lexi didn’t. I still can’t figure out why, maybe she had her mouth full. I went in Grandma and Grandad’s car and we got home first by about an hour. The adults in the other car wanted to look at a house they saw on the internet which was on the way. I started my blog while I waited, and checked Tiny Tower and Flower Garden. I had finally earnt 1000 green thumb points, and I bought myself a whole new set of virtual pots with which to plant my new packet of seeds into. I wrote for a while, before Mum wanted me to sit with everyone in the siting room rather than laying on my bed. I wrote a while there to, but it was harder to concentrate with everybody talking around me and the zip on the cushion digging into me. (It’s 11 now so the earlier start didn’t influence when I would finish) I went to bed and got changed, then tried to take my Goodnight Picture. Thank goodness it was on the bed, otherwise I would’ve kept dropping it on the floor. Every time I tried to move my thumb (or even any other finger-I tried all) to tap the shutter button I dropped it. Every single time. I just couldn’t hold it far away enough to get a good picture, and still manage to take it. There were a few fails (one half my face was out of the picture – you can’t fault me for that) and a few ones that would’ve looked good if I had my sound turned on so that it could tell me I didn’t manage to take it before it fell. Then Mum said lights out before I could get it. I continued on my blog, waiting until everybody was asleep before I turned my brightness up to full and tried again. This one was too dark, even when I took it with the normal camera and turned auto-enhance on. Still, it was the best I could get without turning on my bedside light and waking up the whole house. Serves me right for not being quick enough to take a good one when I had the chance. Hope Master won’t be cross about it being so late either. I better finish my blog now, since nothing more is happening. I can’t get rid of the feeling that I’ve forgotten to do something though. What is it?
I remember now, although not after spending some time looking through my photos, LOLSOTRUE’s. It was my 15 minutes in Master’s Stay position. Good thing I have enough time still left to go before midnight to do it. I sat there, but again Master was typing to me again. And again it was hard to keep my concentration going. I only got to 11 minutes, before I just had to check. At least my back remembers to keep straighter unlike the first time. And my eyes, well I’ve learnt a trick. I can let them go all unfocused and while whatever my eyes were looking at gets fuzzy, the area around that gets clearer until it’s all the same “fuzziness”. Not that it makes that much of a difference in the dark anyway. But by doing it I can let my mind take in what’s in the corner of my eye, giving it a bigger space to roam rather than just straight ahead. I did it without realising in front of Mum today and she said it makes my eyes look cross-eyed. That’s how I figure out how to do it. Add to that how I had just written to Master how, erotic, it makes me feel… Well my mind couldn’t concentrate an inch. So I’ll have to try again, even though it’s past 12 o’clock now and technically morning. Maybe this time I’ll be better because of the practice a few minutes ago.
Or not. My lock screen lit up because it said Master sent a text via Snapchat, and the sudden bright light made me immediately turn my head. I can’t have lasted more that 2 minutes. Then when I unlocked it to see it wouldn’t come up. I told him that they weren’t coming up, and hoped that at least my messages were getting through. Then he sent a Goodnight Eruanna which made me smile. So I sent a Goodnight Master back. Now to make use of the old adage. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Master’s gone to bed now, so as long as none of my other apps decide to bring up a new notification then I should be good. I hope.
Phew, that was, weird. It was normal for the first bit, the fidgeting in my hands, and wiggling my feet. The constant posture corrections. And the buzz of thoughts. Not to mention the ever-so-slight tension down where I suspected my hands weren’t allowed to wander. However much they wanted to. Then, and this was the weird bit, everything went quiet. Not the outside noise, although I seemed to become oblivious to that too, but the inside noise. That torrent of thoughts, most of them fleeting enough to be useless, was gone. Not entirely gone, as the odd that trickled in. But that inner waterfall of noise had come almost to a dead stop. At the same time that happened a few other things happened too. Like I stopped fidgeting. Completely. I simply didn’t feel the need to move. Any part of my body. I started to see little pictures in the hedge out the window. The same way you do with clouds on a lazy day just staring up at the sky. And i checked my posture ever now and then, only to find it didn’t need correcting. It kept straight without my having to think about it. As I said before. Weird. When I idly wondered if it was time yet, I waited what could have been 2 minutes or 10, before I glanced down with my eyes. That broke the trance/state/whatever-came-over-me. Suddenly the small ache in my back was bigger, but it now hurt more to slouch instead. So I carefully laid down, and checked the time. 19 minutes from 12:29 till 12:38. Not as good as last time, but still over 15 and far better than 11. I was hoping for what seemed like a massive improvement, like last time though, probably 30 minutes. Or something like that. Oh well, practice makes perfect. And I wasn’t perfect last time but I was this time. Or at least I think I was. Last time I would have definitely had a few red marks to show for myself. This time I would have only gotten 2 or 3 at most. If Master was very perceptive. I hope to one day get to a zero without fail. And at least an hour on the clock. Well, somehow that still position has made me tired, as well as the day. So it’s a goodnight from me.
Goodnight Master

P.S. I was thinking of posting some of those LOLSOTRUE’s and quotes on here for you to have a look/laugh at. It might make reading my blog a bit more interesting than just the usual Daily Diary Entry.


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